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Customers always get a lot of doubts related to digital marketing services, but we are the ones who first clear all the uncertainties of our customers before offering them our dedicated services

PBDIGITALS Membership subscription plans are mainly intended to induce your company's products or services into online marketing across various social platforms over a period of time with customized budget. If you feel you have a specific requirement, our teams of Business Analysts and Digital Marketing Experts are ready to give free consultation for you. The digital marketing team is ready to give free consultation for you

Once you sign up with our services, we need to use your business details/ID details to process your request. You can be absolutely assured that our security measures concerning your privacy and data security are top-notch. Your data will not be used/publicized/shared to any other sources other than PB Digitals.

Yes, if you opt a one-time payment it will be charged once. If you opt for EMI it will be deducted accordingly.If you want to cancel the EMI option and cancel the service it should be intimated through mail or to our feedback team before 5 days of renewal.

Advertising is a platform to showcase a business and its products/services. In today’s fast pace competition, it is of utmost importance to run and create brand image among customers. Due to an increase in competition, it is essential for businesses to reach targeted audience at the right time with the right product. Advertising helps people know who the business is, where it is located, what the business does to help them and so on. In simple words, advertising helps create a brand image among potential customers. Customers buy only those products which they have heard or used. Hence, with the help of advertising, businesses can build product awareness also.

Choices, choices, choices! -PBDigitals is a single company that offers a one-stop solution for all the advertising services. We can advertise in the medium you have selected but before we analyze whether it is wise to go for that particular medium to drive your business results. We have Broadcast TV, Cable, radio, newspaper, magazines, flyers, inserts, social marketing, Adwords, email blasts and many more advertising services. With the support of our domain expertise, we help the client to decide the suitable platform to advertise which ultimately depends on the target market, budget, geographic area, reach. We will support you and help you to grow your business with the right measuring metrics.

Usually, longer than you think. Advertising is a business strategy which is an ongoing process, but at PBDigitals, We recommend the client only the most necessary advertising and then show results which multiply to a paramount later. Advertising results also depend on the nature of the business, its stability and position in the market. Generally, we work with the client as a team and maintain full transparency in the work. This will help the client to gauge the measure metrics and decide the durability of the advertisement.

It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you are a new business or offering a new product or service, branding and education is important. In this case, consistency is very important. PBDigitals usually recommends setting up a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual budget and running a consistent campaign and then re-evaluate daily to recommend more suggestions. If your business lends itself to special events, sales, or promotions, then you may prefer to have a strong campaign over a shorter period of time.

Digital Marketing can be described as online marketing or branding/promotion of products & services. This includes various activities – 1.SEO 2.PPC 3.Social Media Marketing 4.Email Marketing etc. 5.Video-Marketing It’s extremely important to design Digital Marketing strategy by doing careful research of your business needs & consider which channel is suitable for your online presence.

The business world is rapidly shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing. People are consuming products & services online on a daily basis & this ratio is increasing day by day. There is no doubt that the future of marketing will totally depend on Digital Marketing. Methods of online marketing are faster, versatile and relevant which gives accurate results by serving targeted & potential customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process or technique to improve the visibility of a website in organic search engine result pages. Get a high rank in Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Types of SEO- GLOBAL SEO - LOCAL SEO. SEO Techniques includes On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization On-Page refers to optimize a site so that search engines easily understand and locate your website. Off-Page refers to creating back links to the site. It includes activities like Link Building, Social Bookmarking.

Yes. Click Change plan from the Subscriptions.

Yes. Log in to your account to make these changes.

Service charges or membership subscriptions are determined once you have your free initial consultation. Depending on your company’s needs, wants and budgets, we will offer you some options for you to choose from which we guarantee will be the best. You have tailor-made membership subscriptions which you can select from our home page

Yes, within -3 days of the subscription you can cancel. Your refund will be processed to your account within 15 days from the day of cancellation. However, once the project is in execution or processing stage you cannot cancel the project

We have completed a pretty colorful range of projects including logos, branding, menus, responsive websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile apps, social media marketing and the list goes on! To be very specific we generate leads for your business and To be very specific we generate leads for your business and also verify them. This verification guarantees a 95 % Conversion rate.

Yes, we run an internship program for students and recent graduates to help build their knowledge and experience in the creative industry. Our designed structure and duration of the program are flexible and the positions we offer are dependent on the type of projects we have on the go, so it’s best to get in touch with us at info@primitivebraininnovations.com to find out what’s currently available.

Blowing their own horn. Yes, of course, the primary goal of marketing is to create leads. However, in the age of digital media a brand-centric, sales approach deflects interest in your company. Make your marketing customer-centric. -Second biggest mistake: Far too often, digital marketers start and stop. You need to contribute a steady flow of content to the channels you use.

Social Media is the collective name given to the Social networking sites like – Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. The key factor of Social Media sharing useful content, videos, post, interesting information, photos, etc.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for business: - 1.Increased Exposure / Brand 2.Awareness 3.Increase Traffic 4.Increased Engagement 5.Developed Loyal Fans 6.Lead Generation 7.Improved Sales 8.Reach Target Customers 9.Development of relationship with the audience

Only having a presence on social media is not important, but proper selection of channels will add value to your marketing efforts & enable you to get desired results. Social Media Strategy is completely depending on your business objective; also what kind of product & services you are offering to which target customers.
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